D-Birds and Flowers Sermon Notes and Prayer Journal, Spiral Bound Notebook, Physical Product

D-Birds and Flowers Sermon Notes and Prayer Journal, Spiral Bound Notebook, Physical Product

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Do you ever wake up on Monday morning to realize that you have lost your notes from Sunday and you can't even remember what the message was about?

Or find yourself in a conversation with a friend saying "My pastor just preached about this! And, he shared some really great Scripture verses that would really help. Unfortunately, I can't remember what that passage was...."

How often do you tell someone at church that you will pray for them... then forget to actually do it?

Or, have you ever glanced over at your tween or teen during the sermon only to realize that they are not listening at all?

Whether you are looking for a beautiful notebook to keep track of your own sermon notes and prayer requests or looking for a fun way to encourage your daughter to be more actively engaged in church, this lovely Sermon Notes and Prayer Journal notebook will more than deliver.

This adorable spiral bound notebook includes 52 Sermon Notes pages, enough to use for an entire year. You will be able to easily flip back to sermons that really resonated with you and be refreshed from God's Word.

Right next to each Sermon Notes page is a "This Week" page with a variety of questions to help you think about and apply the sermon to your life throughout the week. The "This Week" pages come in ten different layouts with five different question sets, so you won't get bored answering the same questions week after week.

This little notebook includes a weekly Prayer Requests page that will help you keep track of prayer requests that are shared at church or things that you want to pray through during the week.

Finally, 52 different "Praying God's Word" pages will help you to deepen your prayer life as you focus on a different Bible passage each week. These Bible verses will encourage you to pray God's Word back to Him, focusing on worship, confession, thanksgiving, and petition.

The entire notebook is illustrated with adorable birds, coffee and sweet treats, houses, and other cute doodles just begging to be colored in.

And, at 5.5 by 8.5 inches, this notebook is easy to carry with your Bible or slip into a handbag.

If you are you looking for a practical way to encourage your tween or teen to really listen and participate in the worship service at church, this notebook is a perfect solution! The format of this notebook will help you review and discuss the sermon with your tween or teen as you both grow spiritually through the reading and preaching of God's Word.

212 pages. Dimensions: 5.5 by 8.5 by 0.5 inches. 

Books usually ship within 2 to 3 weeks.

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